Conversations Catalogue: Canada Feb. 2016 - Page 33

“It inspired a lot of dialogue as it was a departure from traditional training sessions… I was little nervous running this since my department is a very technical one. However, the instructor tools and guide were amazing. I stuck to the script [but] quickly started ad-libbing on points that were relevant to the team. Great conversation! It gets you thinking outside the box.” The Professional Buddy System This Actionable Conversation will help you identify the specific opportunities and advantages of working as a team within your own group. Create an environment of generousity, vulnerability, candour and accountability. WHAT YOU’LL BE COVERING • Discuss the 4 core elements that allow for a strong, collaborative work environment. • Identify the unique selling strengths of your individual team members. • Explore balancing accomplish-based goals with the learning required to realize them. • Encourage and develop team accountability. — KEVIN ARAUJO, LEVITT-SAFETY “Every team member has their own special strengths.” —JACQUELINE MCINNIS, LEVITT-SAFET Your World: Expanded Being a part of lasting change in the world is really a matter of defining a) The “frame” that is that world, b) What, specifically, you want to change and c) How you are best suited to change it. WHAT YOU’LL BE COVERING • Discuss setting parameters for trying new endeavours. • Define the change you want to create. • Define your “frequencies”—the summation of all your values. • Use learnings to improve your ability to create positive change. WWW.ACTIONABLECONVERSATIONS.COM TEAM 33