Conversations Catalogue: Canada Feb. 2016 - Page 31

Realities We all see the world through a unique lens and, to a major extent, the way in which we see the world dictates what we get out of it. Think or Sink touches on real-world neurology, providing a clear explanation of how our brains process information. Explore WHY we see the world the way we do, the impact that worldview has, and how we can change it moving forward. WHAT YOU’LL BE COVERING • Look at how we filter the information that reaches our conscious minds. • Discuss how all of our brains filter information differently. • Understand that our viewpoint is only one of millions of ways to see the world. • Reflect on previous failures; learn to move past defeats quickly and with renewed passion. “Don’t focus on the problem; instead focus on the solution.” —MATTHEW LOOK CAESARS WINDSOR “This was a really interesting conversation that challenged some of our collective thinking. We were having such a good discussion that we ran over time and scheduled an extra session to complete the topic.” — RHONDA SPARKMAN, CHEVRON AUSTRALIA Reasonable Creatures The purpose of this Actionable Conversation is to share and discuss the various programs Ben Franklin created in his own life, and apply them to our own lives in the 21st century. WHAT YOU’LL BE COVERING • Discuss the factors that Ben Franklin attributed his life’s successes. • Pinpoint justifications (conscious or unconscious) that are negatively affecting the quality or quantity of the work by team members. • Recreate the rigorous system that Franklin used in his own life to build a program of constant improvement. • Wrap up with the power of breaking goals into bite sized pieces. WWW.ACTIONABLECONVERSATIONS.COM TEAM 31