Conversations Catalogue: Canada Feb. 2016 - Page 26

Influencing Pace In today’s fast paced world, how we communicate can significantly influence the speed of work within our teams. Learn from millennials to understand where communication within your team is working well, and where it can improve. WHAT YOU’LL BE COVERING • Discuss how certain Millennial qualities can influence improvements in your communication. The team picks a personal milestone they are working towards. • Analyze the types of information you need to receive, how it is sent, and the effectiveness of each method. • Focus on the quality of information you’re sending and receiving, and where you can improve clarity and transparency. *This activity is optional, if time permits. • Make individual and team commitments to improving communications. Millennials may not be the first generation to be frustrated with bureaucracy and hierarchy, but they are the first generation to have been given the tools, on a huge scale, to get around them. —WHEN MILLENNIALS TAKE OVER 26 COMMUNICATION WWW.ACTIONABLECONVERSATIONS.COM