Conversations Catalogue: Canada Feb. 2016 - Page 25

Passion Driven BHAGs In Good to Great, author Jim Collins coined the phrase BHAG—Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals. In Planet Google, Randall Stross outlines Google’s BHAG—to organize the world’s information; a BHAG to end all BHAGs. Define your own BHAG, and accomplish it in a way that holds true to your values … following some of the examples Google has set. WHAT YOU’LL BE COVERING • Discuss the delicate balancing act of Google: maintaining growth as a corporation and the approval of the public at large. • The team picks a personal milestone they are working towards. • Client perception is almost always under our control and highly important to long-term success. • Stay true to your BHAG, avoid distractions, and focus on the big picture. “No matter how successful we are, it is still important to have goals.” —LINA NARDINI, SHIFT WISDOM The Words We Use While Conspiracy of the Rich by Robert Kiyosaki is technically a financial book, there’s a lot we can learn from it, regardless of industry. The overall focus of this conversation is Effective Communication; specifically Empathetic Communication with our customers. When your team members understand that certain language can be relationship building when used effectively (and alienating when used ineffectively), they will be better able to relate to your customers. WHAT YOU’LL BE COVERING • Discuss the delicate balance between being seen as knowledgeable and seen as belittling. • Not everyone hears the same words the same way; look at how this impacts client relations. • Examine the “language” of the wealthy, the poor, and the middle class. • Take a look at sales using another “financial” discussion from Conspiracy of the Rich. WWW.ACTIONABLECONVERSATIONS.COM COMMUNICATION 25