Conversations Catalogue: Canada Feb. 2016 - Page 12

Tangible Dreams All human beings have dreams—things they aspire to have, do, be or see before they die. But how much time do we spend thinking about them? How much time do we spend planning? Connect with the importance of dreams, create action plans for their attainment, and breed employee loyalty. WHAT YOU’LL BE COVERING • Overview and focused insight into how dreams become reality. • Identify, prioritize, schedule, and make our dreams actionable. • Think through and discuss all the elements that attract (or dissuade) you from a certain job. • I ndividually create a plan to regularly connect with your dreams. “The Actionable Conversations that we have been running in- house have been an empowering and educational experience for both the presenters and the participants. The team is engaged, the learning is dynamic and we are seeing great results in our customer service.” —SUE BENNETT, CEO / PRINCIPAL, BENNETT DESIGN The Big Life Connect your team members to their long-term goals, particularly their personal “legacy.” Focusing on a combination of the accomplishments and the values they want to be remembered for allows individuals to focus on long-term gain and get less caught up in politics or unimportant details. WHAT YOU’LL BE COVERING • Discuss why today is a great day to start creating a legacy. • Team members gain closure on past “failures” and find value in the setbacks. • Individuals begin building a “legacy statement.” • Relaxation technique is used to disengage from the stresses of reality. 12  ROLE + CULTURE WWW.ACTIONABLECONVERSATIONS.COM