Conversations Catalogue: Canada Feb. 2016 - Page 11

Breathe. Focus. Individuals identify and overcome the elements in their lives that hold them back from accomplishing more. Above All Else uses the teachings of King Solomon and five disciplines to help stay focused on the truly important. Go further and enjoy your success more through simple practices. WHAT YOU’LL BE COVERING • Learn to create change by being consciously aware of your actions. • Identify personal values, goals, and limiters. • Actively integrate the five disciplines into life; create an accountability plan. • Wrap-up discussion and encourage team members to share the message with others. “Actionable Conversations with our team only represent 1% of our working time per month. When I think about our time focused on all the other business activities over the last two months, it is the two Actionable Conversations that our team has participated in, the 1%, that stands out with absolute clarity for me.” —MATTHEW TAYLOR. EXECUTIVE MARKETING DIRECTOR, YALUMBA Pursuing Bigger Dips The Dip, by Seth Godin, is a brilliant book about quitting. It’s about quitting the distractions to focus on the right opportunities. It’s about 6֗GFrFFRrFW&vWfW&vR&V7G>( @FR&V7G2R6&6B&P&VBFfR&VV'BbtB^( $R4dU$p( tF67W72F26Ɩfg2B7VFR672BrFF7FwV6Rg&FRFW"( u&WfWrFV&V7G2B676gFV2F26Ɩfg2"7VFR672( uFVV&W'2FVFgvBW'6ǒFfFW2FV&WBV6F7FfG( u&VGV6RFR7VBVF7&R&V7G2uur5D$T4dU%4D24Х$R5TEU$^(2