continnect July 2016 - Page 14

WIDE ANGLE: WILD WOMEN GENTLE BEASTS Wide Angle: Wild Women Gentle Beasts Wide Angleis our books and films segment at continnect. Today on Wide Angle, we look at Wild Women - Gentle Beasts, a film by Swiss film maker Anka Schmid festivals.Wild Women - Gentle Beasts will be screened for the first time on the 29th of July on Swiss television SRF1. Ahead of the screening, continnect caught up with Anka Schmid, to know more about the movie and the creative force behind it. continnect: Let’s start with the obvious question, what was your inspiration behind making this movie? A scene from the film ©ankaschmid The Story Wild Women - Gentle Beasts explores the lives of women animal tamers from different cultures. The story unfolds through five women from four different countries –Namayca from France, Carmen from Germany, a motherdaughter duo Nadezhda and Aliya from Russia , and Anosa from Egypt. They V&Ɨfr'F֖rvB2f 6&7W26w2FV"F2&WffR&VBƖ2FvW'2@&V'2ࠤ26BG&VBFBvBF&RfVPFW"BFBFRW6RFvF6FVWf66W&W2&WB6&7W2BBfVGW&VBfVRFvW"FW"v2fW'f66FVB'FR6&7W22w&Wrג&F06vVBBvFVBF&RfW"'WBvV7F'FVBFrג6FFR6&7W2gFW"#V'2fV@6V7Ff66Ff"F2&fW76F֖r&V6W6RRfRF&RFFǒ76FR@N( 2FffW&VBbvVFB&V6W6RRv&vFW &GBRv&vF6WFrR6BFR6N( 2F2&wVG6vFVBF6VRr2FP6GVFf"vVFffW&VB7VGW&W2v&rvF2vFVBFRfRF&R&RF'G&BbF2&fW76vBvW2&VBFR66VW26&7W2FRvW"FR6Fw2BFR&Bv&ࠤ2VFV6RvRf6B6&7W2F&RVFW'FVBvR6VPW"b6&7W22vW"66FW2B6֖W0֖G7BbVB62BW62'WBvB&VǒvW0&VBFR66VW2b6&7W3vBFW2BFRF&RFW#F&V7F"7vW'2FW6RVW7F206RFV2FR7F'bFW6RvVfvrFVF&VvFV"G&rF2FRv2Bw2BFR&VWFgVVG2vFFW6RvB&V7G2ࠤBFfW"V'2f"FRvBvVvVFR&V7G2F&R6WFVB7F'FrvFFR&W6V&6vWGFrFpFRvVFW'2vWGFr6f'F&RvFFP2BfǒFfB&GV6RFRF7VVF'66R#RFRf2&VV67&VVVBBfФVǒ#bVFFg&6FV7B6Ц6FV7B6"FV6FV7B6РvF6 *66֖@vR@