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About Aradhna Sethi WIDE ANGLE: THE ENTREPRENEUR’S WIFE In 2004, Aradhna quit her job as Chief Editor and began freelancing for several Swiss and international publications. She also dabbled in radio reporting for a German channel that broadcast in Hindi. Aradhna has also edited documents - for a university, for translators, for students, and for a medical foundation. Along with freelancing, Aradhna also set up Swiss Extension Communication Services– a one woman show that expanded to include various other elements like translations, voice overs with a team of freelance experts. She also blogs and writes for several online magazines. About Aradhna Sethi Aradhna Sethi was born in Chandigarh, India. With a keen interest in m \YYXKHY\[\HH]Y\[]]Hو[][X][ۜ][XZK[XH[ܚY܈H[Z[HXY^[KX\XYKH[ݙY]\K[]X[H\YBܚY\H[[X[\[\[Y]܈܈[ۛ[Bܝ[[]\[ ۈH[YHۛH[\[XYHXY[]\[ \]\YY]܋[X[YHYYY]܈][H][۝ˈ\XYH[H[ۛX]\YHۈ]\[XXš\H\[\L\X[X[HHY]܈و[H[\\X[ۛ[ܙHX]\]\[8&\][ۘ[XY[[\ ܚˈ[[H[^HH[\[]\&\YH\B[H MY][ۈH۝[X BH۝[X HX[P۝[X BYH L