Consumer Bankruptcy Journal Winter 2018 - Page 44

EMAIL AND LAWYERS Essentially, a rule is an “if this, then that” statement. (Google calls them ‘labels’ and allows you to sort or search your messages by label.) For example, if the message contains “Strictly BK” and contains an email address of NACBA-strictlybankruptcyissues@, then move the message to the BK inbox under the NACBA Communities category. It is a simple matter to set up rules for anything; ECF mail, Josh Cohen’s Student Loan group, Max Gardner’s Boot Camp, Sea Ray owners mailing list, and each and every client and pending bankruptcy case. Exporting Email (Free Fallin’) As a matter of security, I do not leave any 44 CONSUMER BANKRUPTCY JOURNAL email “in the cloud” (read: on someone else’s computer). That does not mean that my email cannot be retrieved from the provider’s backup or intercepted by a government subpoena, but it lessens the opportunity and risk of interception. All of my email is deleted from the internet servers and is only located on a computer in my control. Of course, that negates one of the main advantages of IMAP by serving up even read emails to your various devices for review at a later time and location, but I have other methods in my control for doing this that I won’t get into at this time. Since I maintain an email folder for every client and every client’s case, there comes a time when I don’t need immediate access to those messages. Using an email app, I can export those messages to the client’s folder on my server in various formats such as Winter 2018 PDF or mbox. (mbox preserves those unseen email headers that track the route, computer, and other meta data included in every email.) There are ways to automate this and apps that will do it for you as well depending on the email platform you use. A Workflow Is What Works for You (Breakdown, Go Ahead And Give it To Me) Ultimately, there is no right or wrong way to handle eԁٔѼ͔)ѡѡѡЁݽɭ́ȁԸ$)ѡ́ѥٕ́ԁͽ)ѡ՝ЁͽՕѥ)ȁѡȁ͍ͥ5剔$ձ)ɸѡȁݼ́ݕMԁ)ѡQ չ䁽9 )9ѥͽѥ յȁ эѽɹ