Consumer Bankruptcy Journal Winter 2018 - Page 37

BIG BOOK OF BANKRUPTCY FUNNIES Los Angeles Federal Savings Quarterly. The article quotes excerpts of witness statements. For example, “Coming home, I drove into the wrong house and collided with a tree I don’t have.” (I found no evidence that this compelling publication is still in circulation. Perhaps the publisher changed the name.) Since Judge Ashland sat in a Los Angeles courtroom, I was surprised that the Big Book of Bankruptcy Funnies did not include any references to California’s Maxims of Jurisprudence. I like to sneak these into every important brief. See, California Civil Code §3526 (“No man is responsible for that which no man can control.”); §3529 (“That which ought to have been done is to be regarded as done, in favor of him to whom, and against him from whom, performance is due.”); §3533 (“The law disregards trifles.”); §3535 (“Contemporaneous exposition is in general the best.”); §3537 (“Superfluity does not vitiate.”); §3547 (“A thing continues to exist as long as is usual with things of that nature.”); and, my favorite, §3548 (“The law has been obeyed.”). He died in 1997, at the age of 64. See, Myrna Oliver, “Calvin Ashland; Bankruptcy Court Judge,” Los Angeles Times, April 16, 1997, available HERE. As Paul Shankman summed it up, “Cal taught me to never lose my humanity, caring, patience, and compassion. I will always miss Cal greatly as a mentor, colleague, and friend.” So stipulated. Judge Ashland was a great man. When you have to be right. Cheetah ™ Bankruptcy Law Research Suite Save 25% Mention this ad and receive 25% off. New customers only. Powered by Wolters Kluwer’s world class content, our web-based Cheetah™ Bankruptcy Law Research Suite combines authoritative content, expert analysis, practice aids, news and primary source content for bankruptcy law practitioners, legal researchers and scholars. Cheetah™ Bankruptcy Law Research Suite provides: • Expert analysis to provide practical guidance on the impact of the law and the bankruptcy litigation process • Up-to-date Information to allow you to stay on top of the latest developments in bankruptcy law • Practice aids and case tables to allow you to quickly locate and cross reference forms by name and number and pinpoint research by case subject, name or number • Full text of authoritative content • And much more! Contact us at 1-800-638-8437 or for a free demo National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys Winter 2018 CONSUMER BANKRUPTCY JOURNAL 37