Consumer Bankruptcy Journal Winter 2018 - Page 35

BIG BOOK OF BANKRUPTCY FUNNIES Buck were simple. All candidate jokes must be on the professor’s lectern by 8:00 a.m. At 8:01 a.m., I would read the best two or three bankruptcy related jokes. The top joke would win $1.00 for the author. If all the jokes were lame, I would roll over the dollar until the next class. But all the timely students started their day by hearing a few jokes. Paul Shankman was a student in my first bankruptcy class. Mr. Shankman was smart and prepared. But it wasn’t Shankman’s legal skills that caught my attention. It was his special attention to Bankruptcy Joke for a Buck. Shankman usually made several submissions to “Bankruptcy Joke for a Buck.” Shankman often won the dollar. I was sure he had a secret source of bankruptcy humor. I’m proud to report that many of my students (including Paul Shankman) found a home in the bankruptcy field. Mr. Shankman took it seriously and (like me) eventually became Board Certified in Business Bankruptcy Law by the American Board of Certification. (You, too, are welcome to become a certified specialist with the American Board of Certification. See abcworld. com for the details.) The Hon. Calvin K. Ashland As an Adjunct Professor, I was permitted to maintain a full-time bankruptcy litigation practice in Los Angeles. (I’m proud to say I lost my first trial on the day after I was sworn in as a lawyer. My career has improved since that day.) When I began practicing in 1980, one of our leading Los Angeles judges was the Hon. Calvin K. Ashland. In 1982, when I began teaching, Judge Ashland was appointed to be one of the first judges on the Bankruptcy Appellate Panel for the Ninth Circuit. In 1991, Judge Ashland went on to become chief bankruptcy judge of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Central District of California. You can read all about Judge Ashland on line. See, Myrna Oliver, “Calvin Ashland; Bankruptcy Court Judge,” Los Angeles Times, April 16, 1997, available HERE (“Appointed to the Bankruptcy Court in 1976, Ashland served as chief judge administering the court from 1991 to 1996. He also served on the appellate panel for the federal court’s 9th Circuit covering nine western states from 1982 until [1996]. During his tenure as chief judge, Ashland helped increase the district’s number of bankruptcy judges from 19 to 21, introduced automated systems that improved case management and established offices in Santa Barbara and the San Fernando Valley.”). I remember one of my first appearances before Judge Ashland. I was representing a con [Y\X܋H\YY[]܈وۙ\Z[BXܸ&\۝ݙ\X[8'\\[8'B\\ L[[H\ۙB[\[\\]Y\[ۜYB\[Yۈ]YH[ZY '\ݚ][H\H\H۝[[ˈB[ۙ\H\['HH\[]YBX[HYX\Y\^H\\X\[BYܙHYH\[ HYH]›YHۈHY][۝وH\]\[ 'YH[Kٙ\܈ݚ]Y][[X[]\\[ۙYBوH\H^Hو[ܝ\B[Y\'HZ HHH\۝[Y]YH\[8&\[ܝ\HB\H\HوX[Hق][[X[&\[[[Y\܂[ܝ\HH܈HX˂]H\ܛۙ˂][[X[&\[XK][X[KHۙ۝Y][[X[]H\[[ۈX]H[ܝ\BH܈HX\]][ۜ[YH\[8&\ˈH^XYB[ۙ\[ۋ[X[[\]H^K8'[H\HܜX H[H[KH\\\[[ۙYB\[8&\\ܚ\^Hۋ\\]]Y\܈H][[Hۛ˸'B[XY ][[X[Y\Y][ۘ[\X][ۈوۜ[Y\[ܝ\H]ܛ^\BBB[\ N^HXX[ۋ\[X[YۛYH\[]H[YH[Y]HX\YH\[8&\Yو[ܝ\H[Y\˂\H\][[X[&\[XK[\›ۈܙ˂H\8']Z[HX\'H\H[\Y^H\YX\و][ NN ][H][[[\˂HYHܝ[Hو[[[H[ܝ\H]\H]YHݚ]\KHܙX]YYX[XX\[Y\[\\X\\H\\H\[]\[[[܈š[\]H[XX^HY[ۘ\˂[H8'XY8'H\\Y[ۈB[X[[[[܈][ Xۚ^Y^HY[[\\[[ܝ\H]ˈY[[[܈H[[Y\[\\][ܝ\HYH[[ˈ\[[[[\ˈH\YY܈H[\\[\[]Y܈[[\Y]˂HY]\Y][HYHYܙK]H\HYHو H\XYH˜H[[ZY]Y[H\X\Y܈B\[\Y]˂H\[]Y[YH\[8&\˜[X\]HXۚX[[\[˜\XY\[\\H] Lܝ[Y][۝ۈ[[\ˈH]ۈ[HX]\X[Z\[YYYܝXK\H\HZ[[[[H\[B\]Z[]\وH[\Y]ˈYB\[\\Y[\ؙ\˜Z[\[ܛ[\[]\ˈBY\Y[H]^H\[YH[ܚ][[\\ˈH[YH[YKB[\HH\\ܚ]\YH^Y\Z[ݙ\^Y\\‹KH[^\]H\[\^\[ۈۂ\XKHHX[^Y]YB\[\X[HK[YH\[[[HKH\YYH[[H8'[8'H ܝ܈[[H[XYو8'[\ܸۛ'H܂'YK'H]\\\Z[ˈ[BӔSQTSԕTHTS