Consumer Bankruptcy Journal Winter 2018 - Page 33

SIX KEY INSIGHTS ABOUT LAW FIRMS and laptop computers. Digital is a must because of volume, visibility, search and return on investment. With radio or TV advertising, people happen to hear your message while they’re cleaning out the garage or going to the kitchen for snacks. On the other hand, when you use paid search ads, you are reaching people who are actively searching for your service or product. You’re not just delivering your ad to a broad group of people. You’re reaching people who typed in a search containing certain keywords. These people are further along in the sales process. They consciously made a decision to search for your topic. Paid search ads can help deliver your message to these actively interested prospects.” in your ad. Otherwise people will not find what they want, and they’ll leave your site.” “Call tracking, down to the campaign level. In other words, have separate campaigns for different cities and subject matters. Track what success you have for each one. If you’re having more success in one campaign, put more dollars into it. If you’re not getting a return on another campaign, stop putting money into it. And don’t track success by clicks and calls – look at the quality of the calls, and the end result.” Rediscover the lost art of human interaction. 4. Once people run a relevant search and your ad appears, what does it take to get them to contact you? 6. What other advice do you have, for a successful digital ad campaign? Solo and small firm clients don’t want to talk to a machine. “After web users have run a search and your ad appears, it becomes a matter of messaging and ad text. Your ad needs to be relevant to your service. It needs to incent people to visit your website. Then, it comes down to your landing page. A landing page is one specific web page designed to receive traffic. In most cases, you don’t want your digital ads to simply bring people to your regular homepage. If people find themselves on your homepage, they may click from page to page around your website without being driven to contact you. Instead, you want your digital ads to bring visitors to one carefully designed landing page. This page should provide compelling information and then encourage people to get in touch with you right away. And, your landing page needs to match what your digital ad states. If visitors are looking for a bankruptcy attorney, don’t send them to a personal injury landing page. Continue the same messaging on your landing page that you began 5. How would you summarize an effective campaign strategy? “Differentiate yourself from your competition, in your market. Use convincing ads that take advantage of the options and capabilities that are available in Google AdWords. Attract attention, take up space on the screen and show readers why they should choose you. Have a system for tracking, in detail, where leads came from. Understand the difference between organic search and paid search. Organic search is when people run a search online and your website comes up in the listings, through the regular search engine. Paid search is when people run a search and your website comes up in the text ads that appear. And finally, have a willingness to learn from your campaigns. Don’t assume what will work or what people want. Let the data speak for itself.” --- To discuss digital advertising further, feel free to contact Art Armani at 814.360.3946 or art@ National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys Winter 2018 Which is why firms like yours rely on Ruby, the highly trained team of offsite receptionists who handle all your calls with the perfect mix of friendliness and professionalism. With Ru 䰁׊eхЁɽѡѥѥ)ɽ٥ፕѥѽȁɥ)ٕɕ䁄ɕɥͽ(شĵIU d)ȁ٥ͥЁՉ乍) =9MU5H 9-IUAQ d)=UI90(