Consumer Bankruptcy Journal Winter 2018 - Page 32

Six Key Insights About Law Firms and Digital Advertising By Robert J. Hoglund President and Founder of Hoglund Advertising & Analytics General Partner and Owner of Hoglund, Chwialkowski & Mrozik, P.L.L.C. G etting started using digital advertising is a piece of cake. The real question is, how do you get digital ads to work? How do you make more money from your ads than they cost you – and how can they become a driving force behind your firm’s growth? A few key insights can mean the difference between ads that create expenses and ads that create leads. Art Armani is our Director of Advertising and Analytics at Hoglund Advertising & Analytics. When asked a series of questions about how law firms can get results from digital advertising, here is how he responded. 1. For a law firm, what are the advantages of digital advertising? “Digital advertising allows three things: tracking, targeting and easy changes. With digital ads, you can track behavior in detail. You can track where and when people are responding to your ads. You can see which ads and keywords attract the most web traffic. With effective tracking, you can see what you’re getting per dollar spent. Tracking tells you where you should spend your advertising dollars. And targeting allows you to follow this advice. You can target a specific audience, such as a particular zip code. If you’re getting a better return 32 CONSUMER BANKRUPTCY JOURNAL on your investment in a certain city, you can concentrate your resources there. And when you want to make changes to your campaigns, digital advertising makes it easy. With a few clicks you can change both your message and your budget. With traditional advertising such as television and radio, any changes to your message need to go through several