Consumer Bankruptcy Journal Summer 2017 - Page 56

Be More Productive Keep Your Work/Life Balance in Check 6 Tips for Keepin g Your Work/Life Bal ance in Check TIP # 3 3 TIP # 4 HAVE (AND STIC A DAILY ROUT K WITH) INE OUTSOURCE Work/Life Balance TIP SHEET 6 • Try to wake up at the same time each day and follow the same process – make your coffee, pack your lunch, skim your favorite news source, go to the gym – whatever it is, do it the same way every day. • Once you get • Figure out which 4 to the office, have a routine there too. Get Balance Tips for Keeping Your spend Work/Life a cup of tea and in Check the first 15 minutes reviewing emails, for example , and go to lunch at the same time every day. Work/life balance can be a difficult feat, it’s demanding – especially for a paralegal. TIP # 5 BUSYWORK tasks make the best use of your limited time and focus your efforts there. Then hire help for the other tasks. Use freelance workers to help with paper filing, investigative work, or other busywo rk. • Do the same thing at home: Can you outsource house cleaning? Yard work? Grocery shoppin g? At home, it might not cost you a dime because it might be a matter of simply delegating rather than outsourcing. At work, you’re constantly on the go. You keep track of multiple TAKE YOUR VACA # cases and all the logistics that TION go along with those cases, from court STAR • Not hearings to taking case your files vacation to scheduling and more. And at home? You’re T SMALL TIP 6 only lowers your product 5 constantly on the go Yet finding balance between your ivity. there Even if too. • Big changes your vacation don’t happen is at home overnight. It’s work life staying and your personal want to excel for a week life not as if in (for a is critical. Yes, you 6 you’re going to “staycation”), or commit to just don’t your career, but if you take care of yourself, your productivity two — extra days for a 4-day weeken d, it’s worth and promote-ability — will it to decrease. get some downtime and rejuvenate. • And rememb er: You boss wants you to take vacation time so you can come back with renewed energy and product ivity. work/life balance on Monday and achieve it on Tuesday (or Wednesday or Thursday or…). So, start small. • Go through the tips above and choose To help you find that elusive work/life balance,consider these six tips: tip to your life for a one. Apply that month. Then the next month, choose another, and so on. These tips will eventually beco # 2 TIP me habi t, and you’ll find balance you so that work/life LEAVE WORK AT WORK SCHEDULE desperat DOWNTIME ely need! • Sure, doing your work from the comfort • If you don’t schedule the downtime, it TIP # 1 1 2 of your own home and without the many We are TRX and we easier for everyo For more inform or e-mail custom ersuccess@tr want to make distractions of the the legal proces s office might sound ne. smart. But your home needs to be your ation, give us a call sanctuary, a place to rejuvenate and regroup. won’t happen, and if you don’t have the downtime, you’ll end up burned out. transcription • Set aside one day of the week that’s free at (800) 406-12 of any plans, and use this time to do 90 x 101 something that makes you happy. Go • If you really need a change of scenery during the work day, move to a coffee shop or the library to continue working Learn how to better balance your personal and work life with our 6 fool-proof tips running, go to yoga, write in a journal, watch TV, cook…whatever it is that feeds your soul, get it on your calendar. — but once it’s quittin’ time, leave that work where it belongs: at work! We are TRX and we want to make the legal transcription process easier for everyone. For more information, give us a call at (800) 406-1290 x 101 or e-mail Are you feeling like bankruptcy clients, motions and hearings are taking over your life? Download Now! Need a 341 Meeting Transcript Fast? Simplify your ordering process and let us find you a qualified transcript provider at the best rate possible, guaranteed! We’ll find your transcript provider and take care of the rest – that’s our promise to you We are TheRecordXchange and we want to help you order your 341 Transcripts with ease. To learn more, email us at or give us a call at 800-406-1290 x102