Consumer Bankruptcy Journal Summer 2017 - Page 53

DIGITAL ADVERTISING, PART II find out how much experience your agency has. Also, find out if analysts are Google AdWords certified. Google offers online examinations that test how well individuals understand various forms of AdWords digital advertising. Individuals need to pass two of these tests in order to earn certification. Ask your sales rep if the analysts you’ll be working with are AdWords certified. 6. Agencies can earn qualifications, too. If agencies meet certain requirements, they can qualify to become Google Partners or Google Premier Partners. Partner or Premier Partner status can tell you something about an agency’s experience and knowledge. To become Google Partners, an agency needs to meet thresholds for performance and ad spend. The agency also needs to have at least one person who is AdWords certified. In order to become a Google Premier Partner, an agency needs to meet certain thresholds, and have two individuals who are AdWords certified. that are immensely helpful. You can then tailor your approach to these trends. You can spend your advertising dollars on the campaigns and geographic areas that are the most profitable. However, this digging and analysis does take time and energy, and not every agency puts in the extra effort to examine each account in detail. Ask your sales rep precisely what analysts do as they monitor accounts. part of the total calls are marketing calls or inquiries unrelated to your business? Calls and clicks don’t pay the bills. Instead, measure ads’ success by how many appointments or retained clients they create. Figure out how much each appointment or retained client has cost you. It’s possible – and very illuminating. Digital advertising has many fantastic advantages, but as you can see, it also has some pitfalls to be avoided. These pitfalls are painfully familiar for me, as I have experienced many of them myself. When I first started hiring agencies to set up digital ads for my law firm, I shelled out a fortune but received peanuts in return. As upsetting as this was, the experience yielded an unexpected harvest. I learned what doesn’t work in digital ads – and how to do better. Our firm figured out how to run digital ads that fuel our organization’s growth. Then I started a digital advertising agency that helps other firms get measurable results, too. Digital advertising has many fantastic advantages, but as you can see, it also has some pitfalls to be avoided. 7. Some agencies dig into details more than others. Google AdWords offers an astounding array of options for setting up and honing digital ads. You can monitor how many clicks individual keywords are receiving, and target your ads to certain counties, cities or even zip codes. You can also see which days of the week and times of day your ads are most productive. When you take the time to dig into data, you may notice trends What do analysts look at? What do they change and how often? Ask for specifics. 8. An agency may have a “turn and burn” mentality. A high rate of client turnover is, unfortunately, not unusual. Ask your sales rep how many clients renew their contracts. How many clients leave the agency as soon as the contract period is over? Do clients stay with an agency for the long term? Are there client references available you can call? 9. There is life beyond calls and clicks. In digital advertising, it is common practice to measure ads’ success by how many calls and clicks they drive. It can be easy to think these are the only available metrics. However, calls and clicks do not necessarily mean new business. How many of these calls are existing clients? Or, what National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys Summer 2017 I believe that effective digital advertising is a crucial aspect of growing your law practice. When potential clients need answers, they often turn to their phone or computer to run a quick search. Your ads should be there to answer their questions. Just take your time (and ask some questions yourself) when choosing a digital advertising agency. If you have any questions about digital advertising, feel free to reach out to me at CONSUMER BANKRUPTCY JOURNAL 53