Consumer Bankruptcy Journal Summer 2017 - Page 48

National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys 2200 Pennsylvania Avenue NW 4th Floor East Telephone (800) 499-9040 Washington, D.C. 20037 Facsimile (866) 408-9515 NACBA Membership Application Members rely on NACBA expertise “ We’re a two person firm and we keep overhead low. NACBA gives us access to thousands of other lawyers across the country to share research, pleadings, briefs, current developments and strategies, often in real time. Because of NACBA, we’ll know about new cases or creditor tactics before most of our opponents – even the judges and trustees often – so we’re rarely surprised anymore. To top it off, NACBA pro- vides the only voice in Washington exclusively devoted to fighting for consumer rights in the bankruptcy world. It’s how we fight back. ” — Wendell J. Sherk, St. Louis, MO The Value of NACBA Membership: • Listservs – a virtual community for consumer bankruptcy attorneys – linking you with colleagues around the country. Listserv options include: Bankruptcy, Technology & Practice, Chapter 11, and more. • Free On-line Attorney Finder Profile – list your firm specialties, website, and more on NACBA’s Attorney Finder profiles, accessible nationwide for those in need of BK relief. • Annual Conventions, Workshops & Webina '2( 2FR4RWfVG2b66Rf"67VW"&'WF7GF&W2FvFR( ֖7W2BƗFvF7W'@( Vv6FfRGf67bVF&W&W6VFF( 2vF4$BfVrV&W'22FRf6Rf FV'F"GF&W2BFV"6ƖVG26w&W72BFRVF( e$TR$ƖRVv&W6V&6b&7F6RvVVBF66VG2FV6G&fVF֖WF2␮( V'FW&ǒ67VW"&'WF7W&bFǒV2( 2vFFVǒf&FBFV6F2ॖR6&VWrƖRBwwr6&&r