Consumer Bankruptcy Journal Summer 2017 - Page 46

Equitable Estoppel vs. Right to Amend Schedules Rediscover the lost art of human interaction. Solo and small firm clients don’t want to talk to a machine. Which is why firms like yours rely on Ruby, the highly trained team of offsite receptionists who handle all your calls with the perfect mix of friendliness and professionalism. With Ruby, you’ll stand out from the competition by providing an exceptional customer experience delivered by a real, caring person. 866-611-RUBY (7829) or visit 46 CONSUMER BANKRUPTCY JOURNAL W here new facts arose to support a claim for homestead exemption and the debtor did not make any misrepresentation upon which the trustee reasonably relied, the bankruptcy court erred in disallowing the exemption on the basis of equitable estoppel. Lua v. Miller (In re Lua), No. 15- 56814 (9th Cir. June 27, 2017) (unpublished). Rosalva Lua claimed a homestead exemption in her initial bankruptcy schedules, removed the claim in her First Amended Schedules, and reasserted it in her Second Amended Schedules approximately three years later. The bankruptcy court sustained the trustee’s objection to the exemption on the basis of equitable estoppel. The district court affirmed. A party claiming equitable estoppel must provide evidence of: “(a) a representation or concealment of material facts (b) made with knowledge, actual or virtual, of the facts (c) to a party ignorant, actually and permissibly, of the truth (d) with the intention, actual or virtual, that the ignorant party act on it, and (e) that party was induced to act on i 'HB[ܝ\H\[][\ˈXH[[ݙY\^[\[ۂZ[H[\\[Y[YY[\H\\[YB\YH]H[\\H^[\[ۈ[]H\YB[YYۈ]\\[][ۈBXZ[Yܝݙ\H^YBYX\X^[Z^HH[YHقH\H܈H[Y]وB\]K[[Y\ MBBBH[\Z]\YܙYY^Z[΂'H\[Y[YY[\[ܛHH\\و[\[X]\B^H]ܝ[وH^\[XšۛۈXKH[YHX\BXY[H]Z[XHH\YK[H\YH\[H]\Hو[K'B[ܙ[ݙ\H\YHۙ]]HX܂\HY[Y[\Y[\][H[YHYܙHH\H\Y[ \YܙK[X\ۘXH]B[YYۈ[H^X][ۈ]\ˈXB[[Y[ ܈\\H[B[X][ۈ]\ˈXHۙ][H[Y\\[Y[YY[\]H[[Y[HXۙ[YK[[KH\Y]\ˈXx&\œXۙ[Y[Y[\Y[\\\YH[ܙ\HB\ XYHYHYX\Y\\\[Y[YY[\[]B\]Y\وH\YK]H\B[]Y\[ۈ\ L H[][]B\KH\]\Y[[X[Y YH[Z[\[YۈH\\] \Z[HX\Hو\ܙ][ۂ[\\XXH]Y]وB[[و\]Z]XH\[ B\[]H\[]\B]]H8'X\[Y[]H۝X[ۂ]H[ܝ\H\[Z]YX\\܈[YY[ 'HH\[\\XYY]H[ܝ\B\Y[Z]]\XH\܂HHXو\ˈXx&\[[ݘ[وBY\XY^[\[ۈZ[H[\\[Y[YY[\[\Z[\Hš[\[H[H\YH[Y[Y^[Yܝݙ\H^YH›X^[Z^HH[YHوH\H܂H[Y]وH\]KXH]\[XH][[ۈ B˛؜˛ܙ؛̌ M ̎K™\]Z]XKY\[ ]\Y ]X[Y[ BY[\]XY[ XKN] [[[ۋ“][ۘ[\X][ۈوۜ[Y\[ܝ\H]ܛ^\