Consumer Bankruptcy Journal Summer 2017 - Page 28

The Bankruptcy Crisis in Chicago By Steven R. Fox and J. Scott Bovitz Steven R. Fox The Fox Law Corporation Encino, California ...Chapter 8... [Footnote: Mr. Bovitz acknowledges that Mr. Fox wrote the bulk of this article and Bovitz might just be looking for reflected glory in the joint byline. On the other hand, Mr. Fox acknowledges that Mr. Bovitz has a quirky sense of humor, is a master of meandering footnotes, and has “improved” this article with his editorial blue pencil. For the younger reader, who may never have seen a pencil, go to “How A Pencil is Made,” http:// pencil-is-made.html.] The 1950s This was a real crisis -- the kind that only bankruptcy professionals could love. For 15 years, bankruptcy filings had increased. In a single day, 83 bankruptcy petitions were filed in 28 CONSUMER BANKRUPTCY JOURNAL J. Scott Bovitz Bovitz & Spitzer Los Angeles, California Chicago. Was this 2008? Nope. 1957! [Footnote: For the facts cited in this article, your authors are relying upon semi-legible photocopies of newspaper articles from the 1950s. The vague chain of custody is mysterious to Mr. Bovitz. However, Mr. Fox swears that these newspaper clippings were given to him by a Chicago bankruptcy professional in the early 2000s. In short, we can’t really vouch for the truth of the matters discussed below. However, that doesn’t seem to matter much in federal court. See, Federal Rule of Evidence 902 (“The following items of evidence are self-authenticating; they require no extrinsic evidence of authenticity in order to be admitted: ... (6) Newspapers and Periodicals. Printed material purporting to be a newspaper or periodical.”). Also, our regular readers know that the rules of Summer 2017 evidence are a bit more relax )ѡ ѕȀյt)%̰ɥѡݽЁѡɕ)ɕͥѽ̰́)эѥѥ́ѡ )ɥЁи)mѹє 9̰)=ѽȀȰܰ 聥(A嵕̀ɕѕȰ+q ЁÊtt)ɔ]ѕЁ݅́ѥɕѽ)ѡɅѥٔ=ѡ)UѕMхѕ́ ̸ȁѡ͍啅))չܰ5ȸ]ѕ)ѥѕѡЁ́ݽձ(Ȱэѥѥ́ѡ)UѕMхѕ̸%ѡͅݼ啅)ɥѡ9ѡɸɥЁ%)ݽձ͕ȸ̔ɕ̸͔)mѹє MոQ̰)5ఀܰظ%ѡ) эЁఁՑ)ݕɔqɕɕϊtѥѥ)ݕɔq̻tɑѼ)9ѥͽѥ յȁ эѽɹ