Consumer Bankruptcy Journal Summer 2017 - Page 17

United States Consumer Law Attorney Fee Survey for 2015-2016 Attorneys in every state and the U.S. Territories took part in this national survey of Consumer Law attorneys and their law practice economics. The results of this exhaustive survey continues the trend of being the most comprehensive since this continuous research work began in 1999. This Survey Report publishes the results of the United States Consumer Law Attorney Fee Survey for 2015-2016. This Survey Report continues to be the only national survey of Consumer Law practitioners in the United States. Since the first Survey Report was published in 2000 the reported data has been used in more than 35 jurisdictions, including state and federal courts, the U.S. Court of Federal Claims, the U.S. Dep \Y[و\XKHKˈ\\Y[وX܋[H[Y\X[\]][ۈ\X][ۈ™]\Z[HX\ۘXH]ܛ^HYH]\\[[[[ܙH[ ˎHZ[[ۈ[]\˜XܛH[]Y]\˂H\^H\ܝݚY\]H܈H[\H[]Y]\\[ۈ ˋY\XHKˈ\[\[[NܙX]\Y]][\X\ˈH\Bܘ[ ܚYH]Y[KܙYۋH[YY[YܛXH\ܙ ۛXX] [[[]Y[\\^HݚY\\H]\܈]ܛ^\[\[Y[]\YHYX\[XXK[\[ܙH[ܛX][ۋH]HX\Y\H[[H[ H\[]ܛ^\]\]\B[\[HXۛZXوXX[][Hۜ[Y\]Y[][ۘ[K[XY[H۝\Y]ܛ^HYH[[ۂ[HYK\Y[\K[[܈[]Y]\\XYH[Y\ˈ[Y]HKˈۜ[Y\]]ܛ^HYH\^H\ܝ\[ܙB\X\]H[H][ۘ[]\[8&\YB\^H[HKˈ]ܛ^x&\Y^HX]^[ۜ[Y\]\\ˈY\]Y][H[ܙB[\[\^H[]KYH\YB\^H\ܝ[ZY8'H\\]\[H]Y[H[H[]Y]\ۜ[Y\]]ܛ^HYH\^HH\X\]K'BQ[Z[][[ۈ[ܜوܝ\[K LKˈ\ VT LMK L M M K ݋ K L K[H[ۛYHYHHوH][[ M YH MKL M\^H\ܝB\][PАKܙ[[[HY[X\\\ ][ۘ[\X][ۈوۜ[Y\[ܝ\H]ܛ^\BBB[[Y\ MӔSQTSԕTHTSM