Consumer Bankruptcy Journal Summer 2017 - Page 10

Attending My First NACBA Convention By Nathan Juster Staff Attorney Atlanta Legal Aid Society O n May 4, 2017, I attended the 25th Annual Convention of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys (NACBA) in Orlando, Florida. I was able to attend this event thanks to NACBA’s Henry J. Sommer Legal Aid Scholarship, named in honor of the NACBA President Emeritus and Collier Editor-in-Chief. I had never attended a NACBA convention before, but having grown up in Florida, arriving in Orlando on Thursday night was a kind of homecoming. As I took the escalator down into the convention hall, I was about to experience a different sort of homecoming. convention by invoking the idea of NACBA as a “band of attorneys” fighting against corporate interests. This idea would serve as a recurring motif for the remainder of the conference. Sports writer Ross Bernstein next presented his program “The Champion’s Code: Building Re ѥ́͡Qɽ՝11ͽ)%ѕɥ䁅չх䁙ɽѡ)Ḿ]ɱѼѡ ͥ́]ɱt)Qɥ͔ѡq e) tѼ ɹѕ݅́ЁQѱā)ѡTL IѡȰ ɹѕɕ)Ёѥ٥ݡ)ͽݽձͅ䁥́ЁЁѡ)эݽɱɽAɽͽ)݅ɐ(%ݥɥѡȁѡ)٥ѥչѥ̸$)ɹЁѡ A éIMA)Q%1ɕձѥ̰ՉЁ͔Ѽ)䁡аݼɕЁ̸ѕ)ٕ͕ͥ䁉Ʌ镐ݥѠ)ѡɵѥ$х$݅)ձ́$݅ѕѼ)Ё䁍̸͕)=ѽѡݱ$)݅́Ёѡٕѥ$ͼ)ѡչѼ)Ё䁹܁)ٕ役$Ё͡ɕ)ͥȁͥѡ)э䁍Ѽͽٔ)ɽ́+q$ͼѡչ)ѼЁ䁹܁)ٕ役$Ё͡ɕ)ͥȁͥѡ)э䁍Ѽͽٔ)ɽ́t)$)݅)ѕ)ٕݡ))ѡ)ɽݑ))ٕѥ)ѕٕ́)ѕɥѼٕ䁅Ё)эɅѥ%ѡ)ѡɽ$ѕ))IɽՍ)Ѽ!MȰ)ѡͅ)͍͡$݅́Ʌݸ)Ѽ͍ͥݥѠ)!䰁%)Mձѡȁѥ9 )̸$ѕɱ䁅́ѡ)݅э䃊q݅ȁѽɥ̻t)QЁ݅́䁽ѥ٥)ᕍѥٔɕѽȁ1 Ё)AɕͥЁ)!ȁѡ() =9MU5H 9-IUAQ d)=UI90)ȁɥ́ѡ)ݽɱѼɽ٥٥ȁՍ́)ѡͥ́ݽɱ)Q͕ͥ́ѡЁݕݕɔ)䁽ٕՍѥ$)Ʌ䁵Ѽѡ)܁ɵѥɕ͕ѕ䁱)ѡȁɕѥ̸ٔ$ɹ)MյȀ$$$)Q)ɥ))ɕѥ݅́չ)ɽٕͥЁ$)ٕȁѕ5))))ե䁕她)ѡˊéɅѡ)ѡѥ䁹ݽɭ)%ѕɵᕐݥѠѡ)ٕѥѕȁ)́Ʌٕٕ)э䁑͍ͥѽٕ)ѥհɥ9ɑ䁅́ѡ)ͽչЁ݅́и)Ё݅ͻeЁٕȁиMɑ)ɹ$ЁЁ)Ѽѡȁɽչم)9ѥͽѥ յȁ эѽɹ