Consumer Bankruptcy Journal Spring 2015 - Page 33

Pay-Per-Click Campaigns confusing and it will likely take some practice before you’re grouping, and bidding, appropriately. Setting up Conversion Tracking You don’t just want people to see your ad, you want them to go to your site and ideally make contact with your firm. Conversion tracking allows you have a better idea of how your ads are converting into leads. Only with this information can you fine-tune your campaign and increase your ROI. Doing comparisons between ads and keyword choices Do you have a good idea of what constitutes an effective ad? What numbers are normal? What statistics are red flags? As with all advertising, it’s important that you constantly assess your campaign; this allows you to understand which ads you should discontinue because they just aren’t effective and which are working, and should be more actively promoted. WWThe cost of an SEO consultant can vary but it is usually a percentage of your monthly budget. While this fee may be avoided by doing it on your own, you’ll likely pay significantly more money and devote precious time (that could be used on billable work) without professional assistance. In hiring an outside consultant, be sure that the individual is well-versed in the legal industry. As you might imagine, running a PPC campaign for a shoe store versus a law practice is quite different. An individual specializing in legal marketing will have the necessary knowledge of keywords, legal content National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys Spring 2015 and an understanding of how your prospective clients are searching for your services to make your campaign effective. About the Author Fred J. Cohen, JD, is the founder and CEO of Amicus Creative Media, an award-winning attorney web design and marketing company, and a NACBA Member Benefit Partner. Visit www. to learn more about their special offer to propel your practice to new heights. CONSUMER BANKRUPTCY JOURNAL 33