Consumer Bankruptcy Journal Spring 2015 - Page 18

SUPREME COURT ROUND-UP By Andrea Wimmer, Esq. Managing Partner, Marco Wimmer PLLC the Court unanimously held that even where a bankruptcy court is prohibited from entering a final judgment pursuant Stern, it can nevertheless issue proposed findings of fact and conclusions of law to be reviewed de novo by the district court. 5 I n the 2014 Term, the United States Supreme Court will hear not one or two bankruptcy-related cases, but a grand total of five, with issues ranging from constitutional authority to appealability, and seemingly everything in between. Subsidiary State Law Issues, Jurisdiction and Consent.. Oh My! On January 14, 2015, the Court heard oral arguments in Wellness International Network, Limited v. Sharif 1 the third case in what is now a trilogy of cases dealing with the limitations imposed on bankruptcy judge ́ݡ