Consumer Bankruptcy Journal Fall 2015 - Page 93

Form Modernization Overview Official Form 106J Overview: Official Form 106J, Schedule J: Your Expenses, replaces Official Form 6J, Your Expenses, in cases of individual debtors. New Form Elements: The form has been revised to include references to new Schedule J-2: Expenses for Separate Household of Debtor 2 (Official Form 106J-2) at line 1 and new line 22b. The revisions clarify how to calculate monthly net income in joint cases where Debtor 1 and Debtor 2 maintain separate households. Line 22b is added so Schedule J and Schedule J-2 are easily coordinated. NEW – Line 22b and 22c are added to the form to allow for the totaling of a Debtor 1 and Debtor 2 expenses REVISED – Line 23b changes a reference to a line number to make it match the modern form numbering © 2015 CINgroup. All Rights Reserved |