Consumer Bankruptcy Journal Fall 2015 - Page 74

Form Modernization Overview Official Form 106A/B Overview: Official Form 106A/B, Schedule A/B: Property replaces Official Form 6A, Real Property and Official Form 6b, Personal Property in cases of individual debtors. New Form Elements: Part 3, Describe Your Personal and household Items, replaces a combination of lines from replaced Schedule B. The newly-revised section eliminates the need to enter ownership, but adds checkboxes to indicate if the debtor has items that are applicable to the section and a line to total all entries for Part 3. Line 6 was formerly line 4 of Schedule B Line 7 is a new section; parts are pulled from former line 4 of Schedule B Line 8 was formerly line 5 of Schedule B Line 9 was formerly line 8 of Schedule B Line 10 was formerly line 8 of Schedule B Line 11 was formerly line 6 of Schedule B Line 12 was formerly line 7 of Schedule B Line 13 is a new asset category Line 14 was formerly line 35 of Schedule B NEW – A line has been added to total all the entries in Part 3 © 2015 CINgroup. All Rights Reserved |