Consumer Bankruptcy Journal Fall 2015 - Page 54

REVISED BANKRUPTCY FORMS Statement of Financial Affairs The current statement of financial affairs has many open-ended questions and multiple-part instructions. The modernized form contains more specific questions. Checkboxes are used extensively in the revised form, and questions of a similar nature are grouped together. The instruction that married debtors filing under Chapter 12 or Chapter 13 must include information applicable to their nonfiling spouses is eliminated from the new form. Statement of Intention Extensive instructions are added to the statement of intention. For example, the debtor is 54 CONSUMER BANKRUPTCY JOURNAL advised that the form must be filed within 30 days and that the debtor must deliver copies of the form to creditors and lessors listed on the form. National Chapter 13 Plan Form A national Chapter 13 plan form to be used by all debtors in all jurisdictions and amendments to the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure to implement the plan also are being considered for adoption by the Committee. The use of a national form plan is consistent with existing practice of using national forms for regular bankruptcy procedures. If approved as a package, the national plan form and implementing rules will likely go into effect on December 1, 2016. Winter 2015 CINgroup® provides innovative software and due diligence products for attorneys practicing bankruptcy and their clients. Serving customers nationwide, The CINgroup Family includes Best Case® Bankruptcy, CINcompass®, CIN Legal Data EZ-Filing®, ® ™ Services , Suite Solutions and myHorizon™. CINgroup is closely tracking all forms changes and will have updates to Best Case and CINcompass before they become effective. Learn more about The CINgroup Family at www.CINgroup. com. National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys