Consumer Bankruptcy Journal Fall 2015 - Page 45

STUDENT LOANS IN BANKRUPTCY 2.  Private Student Loans - 30 min (Joshua Cohen and John Rao) · Objections to claims · Statute of limitations issues (waiver of the stay, etc.). · Dealing with ipso facto clauses i.   Co-debtor stay in chapter 13 ii.   Third-party plan injunction 3.  Undue Hardship - 60 min. (Erik Heath, Rich Parker and John Rao) · · Case evaluation under undue hardship tests (Brunner and Totality of the Circumstances) i.   “Minimal” standard of living ii.   Persistence of hardship - Realistic expectations vs. “certainty of hopelessness” iii.   Good faith efforts - Impact of income based repayment plans Filing the adversary p r o c e e d i n g i.    Pleading requirements ii.   Naming the proper defendants iii.   Seeking complete or partial discharge? · Proving undue hardship at trial i.    Burden of proof ii.   Rules of evidence to consider iii.  Expert testimony? Boltz and Hal Nemeth) · Applying for administrative repayment plans while in chapter 13 · Curing defaults and/or maintaining payments on prepetition administrative repayment plans · Review of sample plan provisions/confirmation order 4.  Misc. Other - 15 min · Clawbacks of parent paid tuition Session 2 7.  Chapter 13 Treatment - 60 min (Hal Nemeth) · Separate classification i.   When is discrimination fair? ii.   Making use of 1322(b) (5) cure and maintain Does section 1322(b)(10) apply? iii. Chapter 20? · Projected income and means test issues i.    Use of “discretionary income” to pay student loans ii.   Student loan payments as “special circumstances” 5.  Non-bankruptcy Options Overview - 90 min (Randall Rider, Adam Minsky and Ed Boltz) · Administrative options discharge · Income based repayment plans · Income tax implications 6.  Obtaining Non-bankruptcy Relief in Chapter 13 - 60 min (Ed National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys Winter 2015 CONSUMER BANKRUPTCY JOURNAL 45