Consumer Bankruptcy Journal Fall 2015 - Page 44

STUDENT LOANS IN BANKRUPTCY VIRTUAL WORKSHOP NOW AVAILABLE IN NACBA ONLINE STORE Visit Purchase Includes Recordings & Materials (and there is plenty of reference materials!) evaluating non-bankruptcy options, to litigating undue hardship, to dealing with private student loans, to making use of Chapter 13 relief, and perhaps the most important issue to a consumer bankruptcy attorney outside of helping your client, identifying ways to be compensated for your services, this two session intense virtual workshop will cover it all. I t has been discussed at conventions, workshops, 341 meetings and around the water cooler, there is no debt rising faster on Americans than Student Loan Debt. 40 million people across the United States have monumental student debt as reported by CNN. In fact, student loans have increased by 84% since the recession (from 2008 to 2014) and are the only type of consumer debt not decreasing. The current student debt amount is rising at a rate of $3055.19 per second. Although bankruptcy has rarely been an option for these debts, “the times are a changing!” From 44 CONSUMER BANKRUPTCY JOURNAL Led by Consumer Bankruptcy Attorney & Student Loan Experts, the 2nd Annual NACBA Virtual Fall Workshop will allow attendees to participate from their office, home, or on the go (just not while you are driving).   Attendees are treated to an exclusive “Welcome & brief Washington Update” provided by United States Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA). In addition to Senator Warren, sessions include instruction from the following: • • • Edward Boltz, Esq.  NACBA President & Law Office of John T. Orcutt, Raleigh, NC (Bio) Joshua Cohen, Esq.  The Student Loan Lawyer, West Dover, VT (Bio) Erik Heath, Esq. Consumer Winter 2015 • • • • • Bankruptcy Attorney, San Francisco, CA (Bio) Adam Minsky, Esq.  Student Loan Law, Boston, MA (Bio) Richard “Hal” Nemeth, Esq.  Nemeth & Associates, Cleveland, OH (Bio) Richard Parker, Esq.  Parker Butte & Lane, Portland, OR (Bio) John Rao, Esq.  National Consumer Law Center, Boston, MA (Bio) Randall Ryder, Esq. Ryder Law / Consumer Rights & Student Loans, Minneapolis, MN (Bio) Session 1 Welcome & Washington Update United States Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) 1.  Coverage of Section 523(a) (8) - 30 min (Joshua Cohen and John Rao) · Tuition debt vs. loan · Application of sub part (A) (ii) to “educational benefit” i.    Co-borrowers as creditors · Private student loan as a “qualified education loan” National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys