Consumer Bankruptcy Journal Fall 2015 - Page 29

ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS master of every task yourself, but to send a consistent message about what’s important to you. Clarity and Consistency: An employee without a clear view of what’s expected from him can hardly be expected to commit to that hazy and perhaps moveable goal. Spell out your expectation explicitly and, if they change, make sure that’s communicated promptly and clearly. A recent TNS Employee Insights report revealed that 96% of highly engaged employees responded positively to the statement, “I have a very clear idea of my job responsibilities.” Personal Relationships: If you think business is all business, think again. According to the same report referenced above, 83% of highly engaged employees across a variety of industries responded positively to the statement, “My supervisor cares about me as a person.” Only 4% of disengaged employees said the same. Employees who trust you and feel valued will have a greater degree of engagement and be more invested in the success of your business. that you expect from employees, and consistently modeling the professionalism, work ethic and concern for your clients that you want to see from them. Keeping their energy and commitment high means demonstrating your own positive spirit. A bad day or a grueling project can be a selffulfilling prophecy, but so can success. Building a successful, committed staff requires committing to the same goals, standards and priorities National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys Winter 2015 CONSUMER BANKRUPTCY JOURNAL 29