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One of a Kind Create a look that is truly your own. Your home is a place to feel free to release your inner designer. Supremo™, our latest collection, will turn your vision into reality. Just like an original work of art, every Supremo™ slab is one of a kind – a quartz surface that will take your interior decor to a whole new level. Mirroring nature’s endless diversity, each slab varies in color and pattern. Innovative technology creates a unique product that differs from any other quartz collection. With a little imagination and flair, you can create any effect you want – in the bathroom, kitchen, or living area – and achieve a designer look that reflects your personality and captures your spirit. Eight Unique Color Designs Supremo™ comes in eight elegant and stylish colors. From light and delicate to dark and contemporary, there is bound to be a shade to suit you. With Supremo™, you put your unique stamp on any room, and create an interior finish strikingly different from any other. Create a look that is truly your own. The Supremo™ collection is suitable for all applications, from kitchen countertops and backsplashes to wall paneling, vanity tops and even custom-made furniture. Fair Lady 1650 Ocean Palace 1550 Black Knight 1620 Queen of Hearts 1420 Queen of Sheba 1150 Shining Armor 1050 Maharaja 1350 Swan Lake 1600 Shade and graining of actual product may vary from printed sample.