Conquista - The Cycling Quarterly Issue 2 - Page 54

There are two types of legs among riders; riders having superior endurance and riders having the ability to exert extreme force during the sprint. To make the most of their individual abilities and strengths, riders need to have a strategy going into each race. The rider having more endurance is called “SENKO”. A SENKO rider tries to move to the front, he meets wind resistance, however, he gains a favorable position. Riders with less endurance but superior sprinting abilities are called “OIKOMI”. Bets that can be made on Keirin races include: Exacta - selecting the first two finishers in exact order Quinella - first two finishers in any order Trifecta - first three finishers in exact order Trio - first three finishers in any order Quinella Place or WIDE - selecting two to finish in the top three, in any order. During major race meets, some jackpot wagers are offered: Dokanto! 4 - Selecting the first and second place finisher in each of the last four races of the day. Dokanto! 7 - Selecting the winner of each of the last seven races of the day. The money bet into the Dokanto wagers can carry over if there are no winning tickets, even to subsequent race meets at another velodrome in the country. 54