Conquista - The Cycling Quarterly Issue 2 - Page 28

Day 1 – Lom – Sognefjellshytta – Lom Distance: 120km Elevation gained: 2,500m Highest point: Fantesteinen 1,434m above sea level Temperature: 0 – 15°C We start the day with a big breakfast, laughs, coffee and hydration. There are some final adjustments to be made to the bikes. Then we pull on our Trasé gear (since I own the company, this makes a lot of sense), clip our feet into the pedals and the hunt begins. A beautiful morning, enchanting weather and surroundings spread out as far as we can see. The first 20km is pretty flat and we speed through the lush valleys around Bøverdalen and Flåklypa. Soon though we hit a 5km stretch with an average 7% gradient. We get back on the flat and form a pack, drafting one by one against the wind. The last 10km before we hit the plateau at Sognefjellshytta is an average 7-8% gradient. It’s hard work, but hitting the top and riding among the 11ft snowdrifts is worth the lung-busting climb. We forget the snow in the air and the frosty temperature; keep pedalling towards the summit, Fantesteinen. We drink in the views of glaciers, mountains and icy frozen lakes, Viking style. We head back to Sognefjellshytta, relax some weary muscles and enjoy warm coffee and waffles with the friendly staff. We run into the national cross-country ski team who are attending their annual training camp. Olympic medallists Marit Bjørgen and Therese Johaug pass us by. Back on the bikes, the road plunges downhill, we gather speed and focus our minds yet another time. The adrenaline is surging as we bend our bodies close to the bike. We hit home, a falcon flies overhead. 28