Conquista - The Cycling Quarterly Issue 2 - Page 170

Out of Africa come the Kenyan Riders. The brain child of former professional photographer, Nicholas Leong of Singapore, Kenyan Riders is a grass roots project to turn world class runners and athletes of natural abilities into cyclists. This intuitively makes sense. Kenya is blessed with world class endurance athletes and a deep reservoir of running talent that may never reach success and could possibly turn their hand to cycling. What if you took a world class endurance athlete from Kenya and put him on a bike? What if you take the average Joe running 28 minutes for 10kms and 62 minutes for 20kms, who is shining shoes in the street and say: ‘would you like the chance to ride a bike professionally? In 2006, Nicholas Leong wanted to find out the answers to these questions. Nicholas went to Iten in Kenya to discover the potential of Kenyan Riders. Why Iten? Iten has the highest concentration of middle and long distance champions on the planet. This is where the raw talent is found. 170