Conquista - The Cycling Quarterly Issue 2 - Page 116

Breaking The Line A Miscellany of Le Tour de France 1990 1990 Another tour, another strike. Not the riders this time, but French farmers upset at imports of mutton from Eastern Europe. They hatched a plan to disrupt the Tour by blocking the roads. The riders duly stopped but there was no apparent diversion. That is until a young lad called Michaël appeared on his scooter offering his services. He knew all the little lanes and bridleways like the back of his hand, and was happy to direct them down 25km of countryside roads until they joined the highway again, leaving the farmers seething their plan had been foiled. Reign of Terror A Miscellany of Le Tour de France 1991 1991 Coca-Cola probably leaves a bitter taste in the mouth of The Tashkent Terror of Uzbekistan. In the final sprint finish on the Champs Élysées, Djamolidine Abdoujaparov came crashing down after colliding with a Coke advertising hoarding. He broke his collarbone and sustained head injuries but, desperate to cling onto his Maillot Vert, he staggered across the line 14 minutes after the peleton finished. Rules stated that if a rider crashed in the last kilometre and crossed the line they could maintain their position. Tough guy. 116