Conquista - The Cycling Quarterly Issue 2 - Page 115

A Miscellany of Le Tour de France 1988 1988 The 1988 Tour was the shortest since Henri Desgrange reorganised the race in 1906, at only 3,286km (compare this with the longest ever at 5745km in 1926). Over 22 stages, the average stage length was only 149km - this promised to be a race of speed. Too quick for some? Pedro Delgado tested positive with a drug banned by the Olympics committee but not yet banned by the UCI, and thus escaped sanction. He was tested a further ten times during the race and was clean. Was he worthy of his win? Many thought he was and the peleton went on strike in support of him. The Closest A Miscellany of Le Tour de France 1989 1989 Was this the finest race in the history of the Tour de France? It was certainly an epic battle between Greg LeMond and Laurent Fignon. LeMond snatched the victory by a whisper - eight seconds. But was Fignon robbed? Did LeMond win because of his aerodynamic helmet? Was it because Fignon suffered terrible saddle sores? Should Guimard have complained about LeMond’s use of tri bars? Resigned to a crushing defeat, Fignon conceded “It’s not the quantity that matters. Eight, twenty seconds or a minute, what does that change – for me, nothing.” 115