Conquista - The Cycling Quarterly Issue 2 - Page 105

Crazy Heart A Miscellany of Le Tour de France 1968 1968 Franco Bitossi suffered from the heart condition Tachycardia, which caused him to be immobilized in the middle of races. He would literally have to sit by the roadside until his heart stopped beating so fast. It caused his eyeballs to stick out whilst riding and earned him the nickname Cuore Mato ‘Crazy Heart’. The Wag Wagtmans A Miscellany of Le Tour de France 1969 1969 Rini Wagtmans was a cheeky chap. Heading for a comfortable sixth place finish, he decided he had nothing to lose in playing around a little. Whilst the peleton relaxed Wagtman whizzed past them at high speed. He found an alleyway and hid. Lucien Aimar set off in hot pursuit and so too did the rest of a very confused peleton – they were supposed to be taking it easy. Wagtmans plan was to hop back on his bike and enjoy the prank with his mates but it backfired. He couldn’t catch them and fought hard to catch up - the peleton surely had the last laugh. 105