Connections Jan 2015 - Page 86

far. Dad was stuck in a bar somewhere and would be taking a cab home, after Mom passed out. Jerry spent most of his time alone. It was okay with him. He didn't have to explain anything to anyone. He didn't have friends over and they never invited him to their house. Sometimes he'd sit alone in his room and play with his toy soldiers, but mostly he'd just day dream about what it was li ke to be popular. Maybe not popular, but, at least, what it'd be like to have one friend. The holidays were really hard for Jerry and his family. His Mom and Dad would constantly argue about how much money they didn't have for Christmas and about how no one would get nothing that year. Years turned into decades. Jerry couldn't remember one Christmas where he'd gotten anything at all other than a drunken mother and a pissed off father. When he was eight years old he invented a game. He'd put on his coat on Christmas eve and walk to the rich person's side of town. He loved the Christmas lights on the houses every year. It was kind of like walking through a winter wonderland. A huge house in the middle of the block was his favorite. The whole yard was decorated with Christmas lights and figurines, but his favorite thing was the huge picture window in the living room. The window would be highlighted with Christmas lights, but one of Jerry's favorite things was to watch the family gathering happening inside the house. Children and adults were all over the house, singing Christmas Carols, playing and reading verses from the Bible. Jerry remembered the story of Jesus and his birth. He sat on the curb and looked into the big picture window and pictured his father reading the story of Jesus and his birth. They had a beautiful lay out for dinner, ham and all the trimmings. Jerry's mouth watered as he watched them Thank the Good Lord in prayer for their meal and chowed down. Afterward he watched them bring out a Birthday cake and place it on the Children's table. It read "Happy Birthday Jesus" on the top. They blew out the candles and cut the cake. Jerry watched the family traditions unfold until late into the