Connections Jan 2015 - Page 75

This was an amazing read; there is devastating, life-altering action at the very beginning and I am immediately drawn in as I'm already attached to the characters. There are several mysteries going on all at once, sort of wrapped around the bigger picture it's fascinating because the big picture mystery is one I did not even see coming at all. It is rare that any form of media is able to surprise me as I tend to predict everything but this novel did just that - and at several turns. D'Ettore also manages to give a very believable picture of Nazi Germany and a glimpse of the States during this time as well, making it all the more interesting as I am submerged into the lives of people on both sides of the major political discord. I feel any waking hours I spend not reading this book are lived not nearly as fully as when I am submerged into it. This book reads easily as it is very well written/spoken and the dialogue feels time-appropriate to me (of course I wasn't alive for this period). I was unable to put it down until I reached the end - I highly recommend this book.