Connections Jan 2015 - Page 70

blame but himself. But knowing it, didn’t make the fact any easier to live with. A part of him died the day he left Melissa. A bigger part of him died the day she left town without a word. So much time had passed, just over eight years in fact. He wondered if it was possible to put the past behind them. Shane slowly pulled the truck back onto the roadway. Megan needed him. He wasn’t going to figure anything out tonight, and certainly not while parked on the side of a dark roadway. He’d go back home, take care of his daughter and figure out a plan in the morning. **** Melissa pulled out of her driveway and headed for the Sheriff’s Office. She was lucky to live in a neighborhood that rarely changed. She’d known her next door neighbor, Mrs. Chilcot, all her life but she never would have asked her for help. It all sort of just happened, almost like fate had worked everything out. She’d been surprised when she opened the door and saw Agnes Chilcot standing there with a plate of cookies and a kind word of welcome. Of course, she insisted the elderly lady come in so they could catch up. They’d gotten to visiting and the topic had come up of Melissa’s new job. Agnes immediately asked if she needed help with Jeremy since school started almost an hour after Melissa’s shift started. Everything had worked out perfectly. The only downside was that Agnes had been ancient when Melissa was growing up. She had to be at least eighty five now. Melissa worried that Jeremy’s energy would be too much for Agnes to take, especially that early in the morning. But for today, Melissa was not going to borrow trouble. Things had worked out and she was headed for the first day in her new job. **** The instant Sarah heard the news she was in her car and headed to the Peter’s house. Melissa was back. She was so excited, she could hardly stand it. Sarah pulled into the drive and rushed to the door. There wasn’t a car in the driveway and the house looked vacant. Had the rumors been wrong? Was Sissy making things up again to get attention? Sarah was so deep in thought that she jumped when she heard her name. “Oh Mrs. Chilcot, hello.” “Sorry to startle you dear. I assume you’re looking for Melissa.” The elderly neighbor requested. “Yes, I am.” Sarah said moving from the porch to stand beside the small fence separating the two yards. “Have you seen her?” “I spoke to her yesterday and again this morning.” Agnes said cheerfully. “She’s still a beauty, that one. It’s a pleasure having her home and her son is a pure delight.” “Son?” Sarah asked. But immediately shifted gears, Mel could tell her about that later. “You don’t happen to know where she might be, do you?” “Oh yes,” Agnes said still beaming. “She’s at the Sheriff’s Office.” “What?” Sarah asked in surprise. “Why? What happened?” She’d have to call Jason and see what he could do to help. “Sorry dear.” Agnes said, realizing Sarah misunderstood. “I didn’t mean to alarm you. I assumed you knew because of Jason. Melissa is working for Joe Swenson. Dispatcher, secretary or some such thing. She’s taken Dolly’s old job.” “Oh, well good.” Sarah said. And it was. If Melissa was working for Sheriff Swenson chances were good she’d stay in town awhile. Sarah couldn’t be happier. She just wondered why Melissa hadn’t called her. She’d missed her friend these past eight years and was anxious to catch up. “You don’t happen to know when she gets off do you?” “I believe she said three.” Agnes considered. “Yes, three o’clock because she said she’d be home before Jeremy. “Jeremy?” Sarah asked, confused. “Yes, Jeremy. Delightful boy. I admit I was a little worried. Kids that age have so much energy and at my age there’s no way I can keep up. But the boy was a real treat. No problem at all. Anyway, I’m sure Melissa said three o’clock and that’s why I didn’t need to watch for the boy after school.” “I see.” But she really didn’t. Mel was going to have to fill in the details. So, Melissa Peter’s had a son. Sarah wondered how old he was. With any luck he might be old enough to