Connections Jan 2015 - Page 7

By Rhoda D'Ettore During my journey in publishing, I not only met some great authors, but great readers. Lacie Redding and I met in a Facebook group when I asked for a review for my latest book. I had noticed she was a high ranking Amazon reviewer, and for this reason, I was somewhat concerned. Someone who reads this much, and such a variety would surely be a challenge for a new author like me. Would she think my work boring? Predictable? Would she like my comic relief? I was nervous. A few days later, Lacie sent me a message that she loved my book, and much to my surprise, she asked to read my other books as well. Lacie has a blog on which she posts her reviews, and will glady post on Amazon and Goodreads.. Lacie is not your typical read and review type of person, however. She also promotes the authors she finds to be entertai ning, and she never sugarcoats her opinions. She is a straight up forward person, and will provide honest reviews. While reading book by indie authors, she often provides a courtesy list of typos and errors to the author. In an attempt to lessen the burden on authors, Lacie created Pelican Proofing. She often runs specials for her services and her prices are very competitive within the market. Lacie will review ebooks, paperbacks, and audiobooks.