Connections Jan 2015 - Page 60

It had been his decision to go, no one else’s. He had called the shots. Without him to slow them down, Ryan and Samantha could begin their own family. They could have their own lives after he was gone. And most of all, they would be able to keep the house. Everybody would win. Ryan and Sam had gone to explore their options where the group homes were concerned. And although it would be sad for the trio to go their own ways, all knew that Bing had everyone’s best interests in mind. In the end, he had opted to wean himself from having to be around his brother. Ultimately, he had come to realize that there had to be a contingency plan as to what would happen to him in the event that Ryan should become unable to care for him physically. What had surprised Ryan was the fact that Bingham had opted to leave the security of his childhood home before that time arrived. Of course, he had thrown Sam off as well. She had accepted the fact that Bing would always be in the house and that Ryan would always be taking care of him. In fact, she had seen nothing wrong with it. Yet, this new move from Bing had blindsided her. It had been very unexpected. Bing, though, was very pleased with himself. For the first time, he had made the first move in an attempt to become independent of his brother. And for the first time, he had made the decision that would affect his life. Sure he would have to adjust, but it was necessary. Although Ryan had promised their parents to always take care of him, Bing now saw that the only way his brother could truly take effective care of him was to institutionalize him...put him in a group home for people like him. It wouldn’t really break any promise. Sure, they wouldn’t be together. But he would be better taken care of. It really wouldn’t be breaking up the family either. Ryan would still be able to visit him. Most of all, he would be safe...protected. It would be best for everyone. By noon, he had finished. Ryan had returned from work, and from searching for the right home, and was now ready to take him to the place they had agreed on. Though it was a sad day, all knew that it