Connections Jan 2015 - Page 6

story down! I thought for sure that I would get bored with his writing after awhile, but it hasn't happened yet. The most recent Mike Wells story I read was Passion, Power & Sin. This story opens as a 24 year old woman dreams of a better life. She wants the limos and fine dining. Dreams of running a Fortune 500 go through her head, and she wants the fast life. In reality, Heather is really just an entry level employee who is treated like a gopher by her bosses. Then things change. She happens to meet an gorgeous man from a wealthy family and amazing things start happening. This girl from a broken home is flung into an international scavenger hunt of sorts —all in an effort to save her family from ruin. I have not yet gotten to the further books in this series, but I already know—something BIG and bad is going to happen. I am well aware that Mr. Wells will not disappoint me. If you have not yet read any of his works, please click on his picture on the previous page to take you to his blog. You may also click on any of his book covers to take you to his Amazon buy links. Later in this magazine you will find an excerpt of one of his amazing stories. You will find his work to not only have great character development and a fast paced flow, but plots and twists that will capture and hold your attention the entire length. Thank you Mr. Wells! These are just some of his FREE titles (Book 1 of each title is FREE, the rest of the series must be bought): BABY TALK Book 1 LUST, MONEY & MURDER Book 1 THE DRIVE-BY WIFE Book 1 SECRETS OF THE ELUSIVE LOVER Book 1 PASSION, POWER & SIN Book 1