Connections Jan 2015 - Page 56

No answer. This was unusual. Ryan always answered. Where was he? “WYAN!!!” Bing yelped, a bit louder. Still nothing. The darkness beyond remained silent. Eerily silent. Bingham was growing frantic. “WYAN!” Bingham screamed, hysterically. The lights came on in the room and Samantha, Ryan’s fiancée, entered. Walking over to Bing, she began to rub his back. “What’s wrong, Bingham?” she asked sweetly. “Whehewe ith my bwudew?” he asked frantically. “He’s at work, Bing, honey,” she answered, “he’ll be home in a couple of hours. Don’t worry. He left me a list of things he wanted you to do...and some pre-cooked meals for you to eat. All your favorites.” She smiled, reassuringly. Bing frowned. He didn’t like this change. Sure, he could accept Samantha as part of his family, but this work thing...well, it was just too much. Work meant that Ryan would no longer be around to care for him and ensure that he remained out of trouble. And it was this that he couldn’t stand. It was too drastic a change in his schedule for his liking. He was too used to going everywhere with Ryan. They were inseparable. 2. Ryan returned at three p.m. He’d had to take on a job to supplement their normal income, so he went to the only place he thought would hire him...the farmers’ market. He’d taken Bing there a few times when he went shopping. But now, he had to get Bing used to the idea that he would have to be alone from time to time. Hell. He had to get Bing used to the idea that they wouldn’t always be together. There would be a time when he, Ryan, would no longer be around. Whether he wanted to or not, he had to face the fact that death was inevitable. His, Sam’s, and Bing’s. No matter how long he put it off, the topic still needed to be addressed. Even their parents had to