Connections Jan 2015 - Page 55

with reading and writing. He followed this with teaching Bing how to properly dress himself. Then, it was how to feed himself properly, how to cook, how to decide what to have as a healthy meal, the etiquette needed to be a part of normal society, and how to bathe properly. Beyond this, he started Bing on a regiment of menial jobs to help him learn how to care for his home. Bing took to writing right away. It was a new method of communication and expression that he delighted in. He sat up for hours at night, when others were in bed, writing in his journal. This, he filled with a jumble of emotions, thoughts, and whatever else he decided was worth putting in there. It was his most precious treasure. He would not allow anyone else to read it. It was his and his alone. The only time Bing ever got into trouble was when he lost things that were important. That didn’t happen all that often, but when it did it was a mistake he wished he hadn’t made. Not because Ryan ever yelled at him or &VB