Connections Jan 2015 - Page 53

A Plan Divine The world And all the universe Man and animal Fish and insect Was formed for rejoicing. Love Understanding Truth Faith Hope Kindness Forgiveness... My Opinion of Jaysen True Blood by Rhoda D'Ettore I first met Jaysen True Blood in a Facebook group while asking for reviews. I quickly found him to be a laid back, interesting person who is always eager to share information and help other authors. Because of his unique experience with a All this shady organization that preys on new And more Was created for a plan divine. authors, he will be writing an interesting piece in our future issue as a warning for other authors. GOD LOVES Jaysen's collection of short stories and THEM TOO poems range from Christian to the search To everyone you meet for the meaning of life, to the downright Give a smile Give a word of encouragement creepy. He has a remarkable ability to create quick readers which pack a great Lend a helping hand Give a patient, understanding ear deal of emotion. to I hope you find his following story Wave in greeting entertaining, and encourage you to visit Say a prayer for them And tell them that his Amazon, Facebook and Twitter pages. God loves them too.