Connections Jan 2015 - Page 48

me. I can’t even transport myself to a place I’m unfamiliar with, unless someone I am blood or bonded to is there or has been there, and even then, I have to be careful of how and where I land. “Answer the door you worthless piece of shit,” she had screamed as she pounded on my door. “Can I help you?” I asked, opening the door and not immediately recognizing her. After all, it had been nearly a month since the buyout. “What do you mean, can you help me, you son of a bitch,” she screamed at me, her face turning as red as her hair. “Look lady… I don’t… Oh shit.” The second she stepped to the doorframe, I recognized her. “You’re damn right, ‘oh shit.’ What the fuck is wrong with you?” She was nearly nose-to-nose with me. “Please, come in, Mave.” I said her name as a question while opening the door wider and stepping aside to get out of her line of sight and give her full access to my home, thinking that would at least help to calm her down. The look she gave me burned my soul. Literally. I felt my insides flame for a second, right before she walked passed me, and I inhaled her magical aroma. Strawberries and fire. I knew instantly I had really messed up. That smell was the sign of a very powerful witch. “So,” she said, walking to the middle of the room and turning to face me. “So what?” I knew I had messed up by sleeping with a witch. Most of them hated our kind. Surely, s he had known what I was. I’m positive she hadn’t been drunk or even drinking. Was she going to accuse me of raping her or slipping her some sort of drug or magical concoction that compelled her to sleep with me? “Well, you’re obviously not dead, which had been my first thought when I didn’t hear from you by the third day.” “Excuse me?” “You promised to call. I waited. Some of my friends said that it was customary to wait three days after getting a number to call. I figured since we had slept together you might forgo that rule, but then, when you didn’t call, I waited the three days. When I didn’t