Connections Jan 2015 - Page 47

need for such measures is slim. Unfortunately, that night, Devan was slacking in his duties. He was apparently too caught up in the moment to bother caring about what anyone else was doing. So when she came into the bar looking the way she did, I pounced without a single thought about the consequences. If I had been in control of myself, I would have been able to smell the magic on her, the way I had smelled it last night. No matter how powerful she is, she can never hide her smell, not from us. She is beautiful, there is no doubt, and even sober I might have pursued her for a little while. She is tall, Amazonian tall, with long, blood-red, curly hair. Her body is lean and curvy, exactly the thing that makes my loins ache. I really hate the women of this generation. They are either skeleton thin or morbidly obese. There seems to be no middle ground anymore. Whoever said that a woman was only beautiful if her bones poked through her skin was insane. With no one to stop me, I bedded her with promises that she would not be a one-night stand, that I would call her the next morning, that I would do a lot of things that even then I knew I would never do. The sex had been great—what I could remember of it, anyway. Yet, I barely paid any attention to her the next morning when my brother snuck into my room to wake me. Once I paid my bill at the front desk and was on my way back home, she became no more than a fleeting memory. Apparently, I had made an impression on her. Last night she had shown up at my doorstep—pissed. How she had known where I lived, is beyond me. I had only moved into the cabin that week. The cabin had been one of the many homes we had inherited when we had bought back the rest of our land. The family that had previously owned the land had built the small log cabin as a vacation home. My name isn’t even on the deed to the house, my older brother, Darius’, name is. I know I hadn’t given her his name. She had to have used magic to find me. If she did, her powers are greater than mine are. I can find my family and pack mates because of our blood and our bond, but some random woman I had slept with once was lost to