Connections Jan 2015 - Page 46

human or another shifter unless he or she is sure that said person is unclaimed and, in the case of women, not fertile. Unclaimed in the human vernacular means single, not just unwed. We can tell if a woman or a man has a steady partner. Unclaimed in the supernatural world means un-mated. Most supernatural beings mate for life. In some cases, like shifters, this means they find their soul mate, the one person in the entire world that is their perfect match. In other cases, like weres, this means that the two make a verbal pledge before their pack to be together forever. The big difference is that any two people can make the pledge whether they are in love or not, and if they fall out of love with each other, then oh well, they are stuck with each other. Most weres don’t enter into the pledge lightly. All of this means that the chances of running across a claimed male or female in a bar looking to get laid is slim. On the off chance you run into one, you want to stay far, far away from her or him. The same goes for humans. I’m not saying that shifters can’t sleep with humans. We can. We do all the time. We just have to be very careful not to impregnate one. Most supernatural species have certain heightened senses that let them know whether the human they’ve encountered is fertile or not. Knowing whether a woman is fertile or not doesn’t matter to most species, such as Vampires, because they can’t breed with humans. Shifters, on the other hand, are human in all the ways that matter. The problem is that these senses are dulled when we are intoxicated or otherwise mentally handicapped. In those moments, we are human. We are unable to shift or use magic. Human women can carry shifter babies with no problem, even deliver them. Not until the kid hits puberty and begins shifting does the problem come into play. Most humans are unable to accept that the supernatural exists. You would think that with all the supernatural themed entertainment floating around out there that people would be more accepting of shifters, but they aren’t; therefore, we tend to stick with our own kind. A pack occasionally brings in new blood from the human world, but there are enough different packs throughout the world that the