Connections Jan 2015 - Page 43

price on spaying or neutering isn’t something I’m going to pass up. I follow the woman into a large room lined wall-to-wall with cages. The dogs immediately start barking, reminding me of why I dislike them so much. The noise is deafening, causing my head to ache. Great, that is all I need. I can’t afford to spend the rest of the day in bed with a headache. “Here he is,” she says, stopping in front of one the cages halfway down an aisle. I’m in love the moment I see him. Chapter 2 ~~~Dimitri~~~ “What now,” I want to scream, but I know neither of the women standing in front of my cage can hear me. No one can hear me. I settle for giving them the most annoyed look my new body is able to conjure. They pay me no attention. God, do they have to stand there