Connections Jan 2015 - Page 33

A princess, a family drama, good vs. evil ... Earth long destroyed by mankind: what doesn't this story have? As the book opens, I am immediately sucked in, wondering just what the heck Krane Hutch is, that he an heal his broken bones within an hour of being thrown deeply and exactly what realm or planet we are talking here. The description is spot on, where I can get a lea image in my head, without being too wordy that I get bored - to the point I want to keep going. So I do... I am quickly caught up on what I need to know about the situation when introduced to the planet's royalty. The rebel princess instantly has the making of a hero - and a much needed one at that. A'rissandra is far from the princesses you're used, which I love. She breaks the mold! She's great, full of personality and good values - a strong mind of her own. (Love that name by the way.) The story has some good vs. evil, various class welfare & the discrimination that comes with it, along with the srtuggles of both sides of each battle. A rare story where one can see evil's perspective as well, aside from the usual desires to rule the world. Depspite the 'fantastical' setting, many real-world, relatable issues are going on throughout this book. Political issues are underlying as well - it seems people never change, even after having destroyed our planet. What's better - for me personally, is my usual annoying tenancy to predict as I read hasn't been an issue here as Trish knows how to keep things different. None of the 'been done before' feeling can be found here - only the need for more! The only downside is going to be waiting for the next installment of this series - as I am also experiencing this with her Lost & Found Series. I guarantee though - the read is worth the wait