Connections Jan 2015 - Page 26

When I was younger I could never feelings of stress and anxiety. Expectations to understand why my grandmother never looked host the perfect party, buy the perfect gift, and forward to our family Christmas parties and attend several different holiday events can leave other holiday festivities. Every year without fail us feeling overwhelmed. her depression started in mid to late October, The difference between holiday and lasted through January. She used to say, depression and major depression is, holiday with a somber look on her face, "Things are just depression will generally pass when the not the same." One year I finally asked her, holiday's are over. Major depression will not "What's not the same?" She started to explain in resolve itself and needs medical attention. That a voice so low that I had to snuggle up beside is not to say the holiday blues should be ignored, her to listen. "I have buried both of my parents, however. If symptoms become more severe and my husband, two sons, two grandchildren, do not dicipatate when the holiday season ends, brothers, and a sister. This is a depressing time one should seek out medical advice. of year for me." She said. Just as the holidays can bring on feelings Memories of Christmases past with of sadness, a change in seasons can bring about loved ones who may no longer be with us can a more physical mood disorder know as SAD or bring sadness and loneliness to our hearts even Seasonal Affective Disorder. SAD is believed to in a room full of family and friends. Financial be caused by a lack of natural sunlight which hardships during the holidays can bring on causes a drop in serotonin levels. Serotonin is a